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Paine Campus Dining

Home is where the food is. Here at Paine Campus Dining we want our students to feel at home and think of your dining hall as a place you can take a load off. Enjoy different events and theme nights, monthly specials, and an array of decadent food. We look forward to serving you each semester and making your dining experience the best it can be.


Welcome to the Luxe Life! The Luxe Life is a term crafted by our team of college student interns to convey the attention to detail, commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service that will be felt and experienced by each guest. As we welcome the campus community to our dining destinations, we want to normalize the reality that our guests are “worth going the extra mile!”  


The Campus Dining experience will be equal parts fun, fulfilling and filled with teachable moments. We encourage you to tap into the full dining program with these three steps. 


  1. Bookmark our campus dining Popl profile (this will be your campus dining hub for information and entertainment) 

  2. Join the Deluxe Squad by texting #Deluxe to 830-357-7630

  3. Click here to learn about our meal plans and choose one so you don’t miss any of the delicious Luxe Life fun! 


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